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Helping our customers upgrade their life for over 30 years!

Country Fresh Cleaning Services has been a registered cleaning company since the mid 80's. Heather McIntyre took over Country Fresh Cleaning Services in 2003. Heather was a busy mother and wife when she first took on this adventure. Heather's adaption and drive quickly improved the company and growth was rapid. 16 years Heather has owned and operated Country Fresh Cleaning Services successfully. From a small maid service with few employees, Heather now employ's 20 - 40 employees, depending time of year. Hard work is rewarding. Heather Thanks all that have worked along side from past to present and looks forward to the future!


We take pride in what we do.


All vehicles operated by employees are registered and insured by Country Fresh Cleaning Services. Providing safe transportation for employees is important. 

Products and Equipment

Environmentally safe products , low odor  and proven effectiveness.

Clean mop every job. Equipment and rags supplied.  

Industrial Carpet Machines

Industrial Buffing Machine

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